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With the winter season in full effect, individuals can never be too prepared for Mother Nature’s bitter cold temperatures or blizzard-like conditions. Are you prepared for winter weather conditions? Cell Podium has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to create Winter Weather Preparedness videos to help you be prepared this winter season. A free mobile subscription is available to users to receive the videos on their cell phones. Every few days a new video will be delivered with tips for protecting yourself and others in the winter weather. Subscribers will be able to forward the messages they receive to friends, family, and colleagues.

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To receive winter preparedness videos on your cell phone via MMS or mobile web, dial (973)735-5823  and an automated voice system will guide you through the quick enrollment process. If you wish to receive videos via email to your mobile device, simply send an email to

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To stop receiving videos, simply dial (973)735-5823 , or if you enrolled via email then just send an email to with “Remove” in the subject line.