Automatic Registration for Enterprise Campaigns:

Client provides Cell Podium a list of phone numbers or emails of client-issued mobile devices. Cell Podium registers these mobile devices to the campaign (these recipients need not explicitly opt-in).

Opt-In Registration for Consumer Campaigns:

Cell Podium will brand its registration portals to the client. To join the campaign, recipients must opt-in via any of these registration portals.

Content Authoring:

Each multimedia broadcast can be up to 2 minutes in duration. Content authoring includes instructional deign for mobile devices; creating imagery, 2-D animations, and audio; branding; client review; and packaging content for different mobile device types.

Completion time: three weeks per broadcast. 3-D animations and spokesperson videos may be created and included in broadcasts for additional charge.

Campaign Deployment:

Set-up includes a dedicated server with its own wireless phone number and interfaces with all North American wireless service carriers. Hosting includes multimedia delivery and tracking organized by individual recipient, unlimited call-in capability, and system maintenance. The client is billed only for successfully content delivery.

 Completion time for set-up: one week. International campaigns may be set-up and hosted for additional charge.

Tracking, Response Capture, & Reporting:

Report includes a spreadsheet with the delivery and read times for each media organized by individual participant. Media includes every text message, voice message, picture message, video message, and email received during the campaign hosting period from participants in response to the campaign; each message is linked with the associated participant in the report spreadsheet.

Completion time for report with media: two weeks.

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