A CellPodium mobile device campaign is a branded multimedia authoring and delivery service hosted for a specified duration. CellPodium makes available additional offerings, including (1) licensing its products and technology to clients who seek to evolve their outreach and distance learning programs, and (2) developing mobile e-learning interfaces for clients’ learning management systems and dispatch/control centers.
CellPodium conducts a mobile device campaign in four steps:

1. Opt-in registration. In compliance with wireless service provider policies, CellPodium will not deliver unsolicited multimedia via cell phone messaging protocols. To receive campaign multimedia, a recipient must explicitly opt-in using any mechanism that identifies his/her mobile phone number. Opt-in is not a prerequisite to reach PDAs or smartphones via email protocols (e.g., HTML email or video to a Blackberry or iPhone). CellPodium offers registration portals including on-line (web-based and email), text messaging, and call-in (automated attendant).

2. Content authoring. CellPodium authors appealing multimedia that exploits the audiovisual capabilities of each individual mobile device. The audiovisual quality of our multimedia is consistently better than what recipients have come to expect from their cameraphones and videophones, and better than that of simply down-sampled content. CellPodium limits the duration of each mobile multimedia broadcast to approximately three minutes to ensure reliable delivery and recipient retention.

3. Campaign deployment. CellPodium dedicates to each campaign a server with diverse interfaces to all wireless service providers that ensure multimedia reaches each recipient tailored to his/her mobile device, regardless of the carrier or subscription plan. Messages to recipients outside of wireless coverage are queued and re-delivered when the recipient’s device is detected by its carrier. The recipient does not have to change any settings on the mobile device or account, or download any software; the mobile device will display campaign multimedia upon receipt using the media player built into its messaging browser.

4. Tracking, response capture, and reporting. The CellPodium server tracks the delivery of each individual media to each individual recipient. Depending on the mobile device, in many cases the server can track when the recipient actually viewed the media. The recipient can respond with a text message, voice message, picture message or video message, and the server records all of these responses (voice messages are saved as MP3 files). CellPodium delivers to the client a spreadsheet with the confirmed delivery and view time of each media campaign with drill-down to the individual mobile device and the recipient’s complete response as attachment files linked with the spreadsheet.

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