Today the most prevalent channel capable of conveying educational content is the cell phone. Moreover, cell phones can “push” content (text, audio, images and video) instantly to the user, opening new opportunities for “just-in-time” literacy.

Just-in-Time Mobile Multimedia (JITMM) system reliably delivers multimedia lessons to cell phones. Analogous to text messaging and unlike web content, a multimedia is “pushed” onto the phone with no user intervention required. A multimedia message slide can contain any media types, supported by the phone.
The advantages of JITMM messaging are:

  1. Global coverage and carrier agnostic: users don’t have to change wireless service provider, type of subscription plan, install any software or change any of the settings on the cell phone, or even access the Internet. The multimedia messages are easily accessible to the users unfamiliar with computing technology.
  2. The technology automatically adapts multimedia lessons to the format with the best audiovisual quality supported by the cell phone.
  3. User opts in and can cancel at any time. The cell phone numbers of users are securely protected and are never revealed to the other users.
  4. Multimedia delivery does not interfere with voice calls and works even where call coverage fails. Learning modules are available to the learner outside the context of an emergency (for example, during a daily commute or when waiting in a long line).
  5. Multimedia remains in the phone for future replay until deleted by the user. It can directly be forwarded from the users’ cell phones to the phones and e-mail accounts of their friends and family, thus involving their social ecosystem.
  6. The award-winning creation of instructive mobile multimedia content that has a greater educational and motivational value than text only, will fit exactly to the needs of our clients, through:
  • Grabbing audience attention
  • Reaching their clients and staff instantly wherever they may be
  • Improving communication between clients and staff inexpensively
  • Increasing safety and verifiable training

The following diagram describes the JITMM messaging process: