MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service opens up a whole new world of opportunities in the field of Advertising, Marketing. Combining text, pictures, video and music all in a neat package made for mobile phones, it overcomes many of the practical limitations of legacy mobile messaging technologies.

When content is delivered via MMS the data required to download content is free of charge to the consumer. Other technologies, such as WAP, may incur consumer charges that can sore the experience or even turn the consumer off the product or brand. There are few distribution mediums as personalized as the mobile phone and mobile messaging offers the ability for brands to deliver targeted, time sensitive and even location specific content directly into the hands of consumers. No other content distribution channel can offer the same level of individual engagement as mobile.

Combining graphics, animation, music, video and text; companies are capable of pushing content to consumers in a way that is only limited by the creativity and imagination of thee company. Now companies have the technology to reach their target market with messaging that is media rich and accurately reflect their values, something that SMS with its 160 characters of plain text cannot deliver.