Cell Podium hires Student Interns with ARRA Award

Cell Podium has been awarded an Administrative Supplement by the National Institute of Health for the development of Advanced Training Technology for the National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIEHS) Worker Education and Training Program (WETP).

The main purpose of the grant was to hire students to give them the opportunity to:


  • Earn some money (and spend it)
  • Learn in a professional environment
  • Add value with their work

Cell Podium hired two college students from the New Jersey Institute of Technology- Carlos Paulino and Evanda Henry in addition to one temporary worker. These students are being trained for a continued career in a technology-driven world with the skills necessary for content development and business leadership.

This grant is being used to enhance our technology by making it easier to use, more affordable, and accelerate its commercial deployment.

In addition a separate new tool was developed to automatically convert live multimedia into mobile formats. The ARRA grant has enabled Cell Podium to present their new technology at several shows and event. The students helped prepare for these events as well as being present during the events. Last but not least it was possible to develop several online courses for the safety of helpers of the current golf oil spill disasters. These courses were placed free on YouTube (www.youtube.com/cellpodium).

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