About Us

CellPodium focuses on digital solutions for emergency situations and safety. A receiver of many NIEHS and CDC grants, it develops online platforms, multimedia messaging, mobile applications etc. with the goal of improving the experience of trainees working in safety and health sector, assissting emergency operations and other.

Cell Podium was founded by Dr. Cesar Bandera and Dr. Peter Schmitt, and has collaborated with:


Dr. Bandera

Dr. Bandera received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University at Buffalo, NY, and earned a certificate of Executive Development from Harvard University, MA. His technical background is in signal processing and computer vision. Prior to 2000, Dr. Bandera formed and led the Machine Vision Department of Amherst Systems (now a Northrop Grumman Company), where he was responsible for the R&D and funding of the company’s computer vision products. In 2000 he joined AT&T Labs and subsequently formed BanDeMar Networks, a company specializing in the funding and deployment of technological intellectual property for rich media markets including e-learning, scientific outreach, and surveillance/security. Cell Podium is a spin-off from one of these intellectual properties.

Dr. Schmitt

Dr. Schmitt received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wuerzburg, Germany. He has participated in many research projects, such as in the field of high energy physics at CERN in Harvard University, MA. Schmitt has been equally engaged in engineering and computer programming, managing the first development of a digital car phone in AEG Mobile Communication (Ulm, Germany) and being the Project Implementation Team Leader in BASF Corporation. In the latter he focused on development of Java and JSP, designed and implemented process changes and enhancements in SAP R/3, and introduced SAP’s Logistics Information System (LIS) into the company. In 2001 Schmitt founded his own company, Schmitt and Associates LLC, which is an innovative technology solutions provider, specializing in application and e-learning development.


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