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CellPodium is an award-winning digital solutions provider, dedicated to developing products for emergency situations and safety.


Hazmat Augmentation Reality Solution
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Augmented Reality Emergency Through Beacons
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Hazmat AR Solution

Rutgers School of Public Health saw a need to improve their training on hazardous materials (Explosive, Radiation, Oxygen depletion, etc) to include outside life simulations of hazardous incidents. They approached S&A Technologies to team up and develop a smartphone based sensor simulation. Together they received a grant from NIEHS to develop a prototype for this application.

Just-in-time Mobile Messaging

CellPodium developed a system to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy impactful m-health and m-learning campaigns anywhere in the world, using Cellular Multimedia System (CMS). This technology was used in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, when Cell Podium used the CMS to broadcast logistics videos with mobilization instructions to the cell phones of RDF-3 personnel and helped coordinate response operations.

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Demobilization tips for CDC RDF-3 team
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response broadcasts demobilization tips for CDC RDF-3 team after RDF-3 team completed serving Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. …
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Cell Podium and the Center for Environmental Exposures and Disease (CEED) are broadcasting educational videos on breast cancer and the environment… .
Cell Podium develops Gulf Clean-up Training Videos
The health and safety of workers including those cleaning up the BP oil spill is of top priority to Cell Podium and our clients, including the Worker Education and Training…
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